Home, sweet home...


On the 16th May we reached the most eastern point of our trip, the east cape of New  Zealand. That also means that our travels will come to an end. On the 18th May, our Africa Twins will be on the way back to Europe, and as they'll be shipped via the US, they've finally been around the world...


The figures: We drove 95'124 km in 1108 days, travelled through 24 countries, used  3 tyre- and chainkits each, had 9 punctures (Urs 9 - Miggi 0  !!!), one little accident, found a new home for 16 puppies and had tons and tons of impressions, adventures etc ...


Since 21. Mai 04 we are back in Switzerland and trying to acclimatise.


In the near future, we are not planing anything in particular, but sooner or later we will be back on the road and try our luck on the PANAMERICANA !


We thank you all for your interrest and your support and appologise for the time it takes to translate our German page.


Our next release will be a Countryinfo page with (hopefully) good and usefull information if you are planning a similar trip


Happy travels and hope to see you soon,

Urs & Miggi


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